A Model For Authentic Decisions & Communication

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How do you make decisions? How do you advise others on your team to make decisions?

One of my clients recently expanded her marketing department and is concerned about maintaining the brand image and culture of her company while simultaneously liberating her marketing team to engage in authentic, transparent online communications.

First we reviewed her brand overview and then we discussed how to empower her team to engage in authentic communications across all platforms.

Decision Making.

I’ve always used a visual like the one above to help people understand the key elements of personal decision making.

In this situation I’m talking about marketing and communication decision making, but I’ve used this decision filter to ponder all sorts of quagmires.

When I’m reinventing a corporate culture, I use a filter like this with leaders to practice aligning decisions with the values of the new culture.

The Overarching Question:

What will the impact, effect of our (decision, message, communication tactic) be? Will it enhance or detract from our vision, values, mission? Is it congruent or not with who we want to be? Is it moving us towards or away from where we want to go?

In regards to this client’s marketing challenge the questions her team will be asking before they take action are as follows;

Will this marketing strategy, tactic, decision

1. Enhance or detract from our vision?

2. Does it enhance/strengthen our Mission, Brand Promise or detract from it ?

3. Is the message consistent, congruent with our company values?

4. Is it consistent, congruent with our personality, tone & culture ?

5. Does it enhance engagement? Encourage listening? Positively impact sharing?

6. Is it a move towards enhanced transparency or away from it?

7. Does this decision enhance trustworthiness?

8. Is it authentic?

Decision making is all about alignment with what matters. Your personal and professional decisions are best made when filtered through what matters to you. The more self aware you are the better equipped you are to make decisions as to what investments to make, here, now, presently. What have you learned about decision making? What are the tools you use to help others liberate their own decision making skills and abilities?

Pam Hoelzle

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