The Heart of Leadership: Open Heart Leadership

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The Heart of Leadership: Open Heart Leadership

Sometimes I spend too much time in coffee shops, often I spend too much of my discretionary income on dark smoky americano’s and rich rice lattes. But, if I drink too much coffee it’s because it is my preferred open heart living substance.

Open heart living, leading?

Yep, yesterday it was confirmed. I’m addicted to the open heart life.

I have a new mantra, ” Leaders of the open heart, open heart leadership!”

What if leadership is nothing more than a state of being and what if being is nothing more than showing up with your heart wide open, ready to embrace the other, the moment?

Who might you and I be if our hearts were wide open? Who you be? WHO you want to be? Authenticity breads a hungry, open heart. Eager to connect and to be real, we embrace others.

So yesterday about 2/3 of the way through my second rice latte of the day, seated at my favorite Kirkland coffee house, Caffe Rococo I asked Ethan Yarbrough, ” SO what is your major priority, challenge right now?”

Ethan stared at me over his steaming hot Americano and then slowly replied, ” I want my heart to be open and I want it to lead.”

I’ve been sitting in coffee shops for over a year now with Ethan, who I have come to know as a devoted husband, father, son who also functions as the inspired President of Allyis Corporation. And although I am often inspired by his wisdom, honesty and sense of humor I was speechless. Only capable of a mere nod, my soul churned as his words echoed deep within my being.

An open heart.

The image flashed through my mind, a heart leading the way; my heart leading my life, openly engaging with other hearts.

Open heart leadership.

I want my heart to lead, too. I thought.

I want to BE open.

I want to BE an OPEN heart leader.

And you?

Pam Hoelzle

Servant, Open Heart Leader and Mutant committed to GOOD.

Seattle Business Coach, Marketer

pam @pam

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