Hello: Your LIFE is YOUR business

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Get a life!

Hello: Your life is Your Business…

I say this a lot. Maybe it’s my mantra. Mostly I say it to my kids, but I also say it to my clients and anyone who will listen; you?

“Don’t get a job.  …get a life. Don’t do something …BE something. Your life is your business. What do you love?  Who do you want to show up as?  What needs and wants can you fill in this world? Life is exhilarating when we get to show up in the intersection of what we love doing and who we love being.

I want my kids to cover their ears, to drown out the voices that tell them to get a job, pursue security, settle down, make as few waves as possible and die quietly. NO! I want my kids to suck the life out of life; to love and live outrageous lives of meaning, authenticity and purpose. I want them to wake up every morning thankful and grateful to their creator for the gift of life and jump feet first into designing the unique life journey that fills them with pleasure and feeds their souls.

So just in the case my children (Rosie 18 Zach 15)someday want the primer and ask. “Okay Mom, how do you design a life, I mean what the holy rosary do you mean when you say get a life, and your life is your business?” I’ve got it ready for them…and for you.

Ideas for getting a life…

First: WHAT…what matters? WHAT matters to YOU?

What matters to you? What makes you jump up and down? What makes hours pass as mere seconds? What gets you up at 3am or keeps you up till 2 am…? What do you believe in?  What are you passionate about?


What are you passionate about?

What are the beliefs that make you: You?

What don’t you believe?

What aren’t you passionate about, excited about?

What makes you want to sleep or run away?

Second: BE. Who do you want to BE?

Who are you?

How do you want to show up in this one life?

Be…What do you want to be: Hilarious, Philanthropist, Peaceful…? What… you be?

What don’t you want to be?

Third: Why? Why Does WHAT matter and Why must you BE –YOU?

What’s your compelling why? Why must you do what matters and why you must you be you? WHY?

Why, do your passions, beliefs, values matter?

Why, do you want to BE what you want to BE?

Fourth: Where?

Is there a where you like more than others?

Where would you like to be?

What are the places you are most passionate about?

Where do you feel most like you?

WHERE can you best do What Matters and BE YOU?

Fifth: Natural Genius

Your different, special, some things are just natural for you. Some things come easy, matter of fact some things flow so naturally for you and you feel so insanely good doing them that you almost feel guilty, like maybe its so good it’s really illegal?

What are those things your a natural at?

What are those things you ‘get’ ‘enjoy’ and excel at?

When you’re at your best…fully you, what are you doing, how are you being?

What are you curious about, excited about and what things put you in the ‘zone’?

Six: “WHO”

Jim Collins says, “First WHO then WHERE.” The who you surround yourself is essential. Pay attention to your dream team, your tribe it can sustain you or it can suck the light…yes light; out of you…

Who’s your tribe?

What type of people are you most comfortable with?

Who’s on your life or season dream team?

Who do you love? Like?

What environments support you and help you to be your best?

What type of people suck the living daylights out of you?

What environments make you want to shrivel up and die?

Seven: Courage

It takes courage to listen to the still whisper within. I believe each of us is called to be our best, the most we can each be; totally true to ourselves and our Creators blessings. It’s your business, this unique life journey of yours. It’s up to you, to design it and make it your primary business…Becoming you, is your job.

Now, go ahead, you’ve been endowed with all the power and skills necessary, surround yourself with a team that will be ‘wind under your wings’ and go do it…because

HELLO: Your life is your business…

Pam Hoelzle


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