Hot Air Up The Skirt or Value?

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“It’s like they are blowing hot air up my skirt.” The young man said.

How many times have you felt like someone was blowing hot air up YOUR skirt, figuratively, of course?

Remind you of a current Senator; fibbing, making stuff up, spin?

Growing your business, venture or organization involves willing buyers (donors, ) handing over their hard earned cash for something in return, something that matters to them- ( them- not you). So growing is more about ‘what people want to buy and invest in” than it about selling or hot air.

It’s not about you or I – is it? This growing ventures, businesses and organizations – it’s about them- your clients.What do they value, want, need, what are their problems, inconveniences…value. It’s in the eyes, hearts and wallets of the buyer not the seller. So put away your hot air horns and listen.

Hot air- it’s not that valuable when it’s meaningless words blowing about, up people’s skirt to impress, delude, seduce or sell…but hot air can be valuable- I find it very valuable in the hot yoga room where it’s the conduit to me sweating like that guy on “AIRPLANE” and fitting into that hot little skirt of mine:-)

Hot Air Up The Skirt or Value?

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