General rules for writing a CV

Feb 23, 2022

A CV is a basic document when you are looking for a new job. Your chances of getting a job depend on the quality and competence of this document. Resume services near me will help you to write a professional CV in the shortest possible time.

You need to get down to the basics - the purpose of your job search. It is advisable to state a specific purpose. This will facilitate the search and make the employer's specialists focus on your CV. They will be clear about the job you want and will not look at all your CVs looking for functions or skills that interest the company.

Remember that you have maximum 40 seconds for the first acquaintance and if at that moment your resume won't interest the company's employee then he/she will move on to read the next one (an HR employee receives on average 240-280 resumes a day and reads at least 120-140 of them and makes maximum 7% of calls to the applicants interested).

You should treat your resume as a vivid and interesting story about your life and work, and there are certain rules that you should follow to make it not only meaningful but also entertaining.

General rules for writing a CV

When writing a CV, one main rule should be followed - provide more detailed and complete information about your personal qualities and professional activities that meets the requirements of the organisation for applicants for a particular position. The content of your CV will have a major impact on the potential employer's first impression of your qualifications and personal qualities and whether or not you will be invited for an interview.

If you apply for several positions in different organisations, adjust your resume according to the job you are applying for. Try to make it clear to the employer that your resume matches the advertised position.

Once again, the main purpose of a CV is to present your personal details, professional experience and knowledge to the employer as best as possible and he/she wants to invite you personally for a conversation. If you have not heard back from them, it means that the information you have given has not worked. In this case, you should analyse your resume and make some changes in order to strengthen your image in the eyes of employers or change your resume to better fit the job vacancy.

It doesn't take long for recruiters to get to know your CVs. So you should put information on your resume that grabs people's attention. This sets a maximum length of two pages. A one-page headline is best.

Résumé formatting should be in a strictly business-like style without any excessive fonts, colours or effects.

Try to put yourself in the reader's (potential employer's) shoes. Reading your story should not only be comfortable, but also interesting.

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