How’s that working for you? Business Strategy; Life Strategy.

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"How's that working for you?" The sarcastic grocery clerk asked from behind.

Turning I inquired. 'Huh?"

"Your collar; its up in the back ….how's that working for you?" His sarcasm chimed.
Smiling I pointed to my eye.
"Oh I'm sorry." The young man said aghast at my black and blue eye.
Laughing I placed my groceries on the counter and admitted.
"I figured a collar out of place, wasn't too big of deal; today…"

Looking into the  young mans eyes I met his embarrasment with silence. 

I wondered sarcastically, "How's that working for you….?"

The moral of my story and the reason for my selection of the tatooed, mohawked violinist is this:

 First of all, if you don't want a black eye; don't walk eyebrow first near doors that swing both ways. Duh!

Secondly; Don't ask others "How's that working for you" …rather, ask yourself; how's what your doing working for you? How are others responding to you? To your product, services to your value?

Thirdly; never, ever assume that things are always … as they appear…

The young man was so caught up in what he saw, how I appeared; white coat, boots, tights and a dress he thought he knew my story and thus  assumed he had the answer…

His assumptions kept him from really seeing me, knowing me and entering into a dialogue that could have helped him understand me.

How could he know that I could barely see?  Of course, he didn't know my head ache was so severe I wondered how I had driven to the store let alone made it through the day. Of course he couldn't know what I really needed was kind words and empathy not more sarcasm.

How's that working for you?

Are you assuming you know things you don't?

Do you assume what you see is what is real?

Do people naturally connect with you and share their stories?

 How's that  working for you?

When you look at the tatooed, mohawked violinist  above do you automatically assume you know his story; understand his wants and needs?

Got hit in the eyebrow lately with any wildly swinging doors?

Black and blue from any market assumptions?

Operating on other faulty assumptions; clients, marketing, innovation, value, relationships, faith, love?

How's that working for you?

If your sales and profits are embarrasing like the grocery clerks remarks; it may be time to ponder a new strategy, a new way of being.

If you immediately assume a tatooed violinist means x, y and z without engaging, asking and connecting  its time to slow down and look at your strategy; your strategy for seeing and understanding people and their stories.

Life and Business…

How's that working for you?

Pam Hoelzle

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