I Feel Stupid To Admit It; But I Don’t Know What I Want….

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When we don’t know what we want.

Being unclear, indecisive, unsure, hesitant, stuck or unmotivated can be frustrating. But don’t buy into the belief that you should be clear. If you aren’t clear – you obviously shouldn’t be!

Getting clear is a process and there are plenty of good reasons for being unclear, unsure, indecisive, stuck, stalled out, reflective and even unmotivated.

Most of the time not knowing what you want is a sign that priorities are changing, values and life operating beliefs shifting, whether we are aware of it consciously or not.

Life is a dynamic dance, it’s constant melody is change. Many times we’ve changed and we aren’t even aware of it until we experience the feelings of being stuck, indecisive, unclear. Why? Because at the unconscious level your values, beliefs, life adaptations are your auto pilot setting. Change these and oops! Auto pilot doesn’t work anymore; you can’t continue doing things you don’t believe in or are in-congruent with, without a lot of inner chaos and turmoil. ( uncertainty, indecisiveness, confusion, unmotivated)

When you are unclear and unable to decipher what’s next – CELEBRATE. It means your conscious. You aren’t running on life auto pilot and there’s a good chance you are about to make a major life upgrade.

If this describes you today. Relax. Embrace it! And take some time to reflect on the following questions.

What’s not working in my life/venture?

( Finances, relationships, spirit, health, time investments, mental/intellectual, emotions?)

What earlier decisions, adaptations are the NOT working items tied to?

What do you think and feel about these decisions, priorities, beliefs or adaptations now?

What are your priorities right now?

What are 3-8 beliefs you try to run your life by?

And what are the feelings that are most important that you feel daily? ( what do you value?)

Often we outgrow our lives and ways of being. When we do it’s time for an upgrade of the operating belief, values and priorities kind. A life upgrade is a conscious choosing of the values and beliefs that are congruent at this season based on who’ve we become, not who we were. Our beliefs, values and priorities are our life filter, they help us to make decisions, see clear and take action.

So perhaps it’s time to flush out that life filter of yours? Give it a good cleaning. Heck, maybe it’s time to replace it with values, beliefs and priorities congruent with who you are now! Once you are clear on your values, beliefs and priorities its time to POINT and GO.

Yes! Point in the direction you want to head and GO!

Filtering options and opportunities through your life operating beliefs and values along your journey will keep you congruent and aligned and soon… the clouds will dissipate and clarity, clarity; a sense of knowing will come to you once again. Until the next time it’s time for an internal upgrade…

I didn’t say sunshine. I said clarity!

And if you need help you know where to find me….

Pam Hoelzle

425 218 5864

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