Impoverished Thinking: Bill Strickland Social Entrepreneur

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"Poverty is essentially, the acceptance of meager possibility," say's Bill Strickland founder of Manchester Bidwell. 

Strickland argues that all of us are poor in some fashion. We all suffer from some form of poverty; poverty of creativity, humility, generosity, vision, love, courage, effort, will or perhaps integrity. 

Sometimes our thinking is impoverished. Sometimes the ghetto is in our own mind. Our own ideas, beliefs about what is or isn't possible, who we are and what is possible for us and our ventures.

We suffer from impoverished thinking whenever we convince ourselves that people are what they have, or do, that we lack the resources, education or talent to live extraordinary lives. We suffer from impoverished thinking whenever we trust other people's estimations, judgments and expectations more than our own, whenever we accept the path of least resistance, deny our passions and skills, when we squander opportunities or buy into the fact the past equals the future, or that it's too late to make a difference.

What ghetto holds you or your venture prisoner?

The real evil of poverty, poverty of any kind is that it starves people, organizations, ventures and tribes of life. It suffocates dreams, hope and possibility.

 And it spreads like cancer, wiping out possibility.

So what do we do?

I'm sitting here taking a ghetto evaluation; asking myself where I'm impoverished.

I don't know about you ,but I'm all about breaking free from the ghetto's I've created and I want to make sure I'm not creating or reinforcing any one else's poverty.

One life, lots of opportunities ….as long as I don't let impoverished thinking imprison my dreams!

And your thoughts?

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