It’s all about people…always has been…always will be…

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This is a diagragm David Armano created to illustrate the flow of influence but I am using his visual to illustrate how life is all about people; always has been and always will be.

Imagine each dot in the photo above a human life; the miracle of mind, body  and spirit alive here presently, at a time where change is measured in nano seconds, in a world where community transcends geograph, relating is influenced by digital tools and technology in an economy more uncertain than most ever imagined.

 Regardless of Asia, automation, abundance within western culture, current economic uncertainty or the digital online possibilities the most valuable thing in this world remains the life of a single human being. Each life, matter of fact.

The value of a human life is innate. The miracle of human value is  illustrated above by rings that expand out from the center of each life.  The closer I get to an individual the more deeply I experience the value that is them.

Each life fashioned by THE master creator now is empowered  a co-creator. It is the knowing, the coming to know someone, the listening, and engaging, the  relating to each individual that is the beauty , the very purpose of this life. The closer I presss into discover the difference, the signature , the distinction of each life the more I stand in awe of the Creator.

Divinity…here in front of me- in flesh and blood I feel spirit; God.

No, I am not attracted to the center of each life, in fact  I find myself on the outside of most of the lives I encounter, unable to engage everyone at the deepest levels, I pick and choose which level of knowing you and I will engage in- it is a mutual dance each of us, free to decide how much we will reveal, how well we will come to know one another.

 My choosing to stay on the outside of one's life  is a  choice; mine or theirs,  other times I enter into a knowing deeply, journeying into the inner courts of who my new friend is; their passions, likes, dislikes and weirdness.

 At the depest levels of knowingI am spiritually, physically and emotionally bonded; to be known this way is to experience the ultimate of what love is and yet it is also the most threatening; so vulnerable I am this known.

To be known – it is the hunger of the human soul; regardless of the times or circumstances it is the call placed on my life and yours – to know those in our lives- to honor them with our atttention, with our listening our interest in their unique life story and journey.

Go ahead; say the words, act on your feelings, honor the people you are drawn to as if there is no tomorrow -for someday there won't be.

You see it's not about communication, online communities,  product, service, technology, invention, research, analysis, the arts, government, politics, education-it about the same thing; it's always been about- it's about people – it's all about people.

I was reminded of this today as I listened to the young employee tell us how valued she felt.


I sat blinking back tears as the young woman explained that the companies new found focus on making clients happy had left her happier, she admitted stumbling upon her own ephiphany in the past week or two; recognizing her own worth and value, for perhaps the first time in response to valuing others.

 You see, it's not how good we are at our jobs, how clean we keep our business or even how efficient we are at responding to email it's how we make people feel that matters most of all.

It's the impact you and I have on  beating hearts,on troubled souls, the kind words, hugs, smiles our moment to moment random acts and not so random leadings that make this planet worth inhibiting…When we add value to human lives we experience the magic of being alive; feeling and being known.

Today- I was reminded, once again how it's not really what I do that matters; it's how I do it- because you see… it's all about people – always has been and yep it always will be…

Pam Hoelzle

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