KISS; Integrated Marketing Strategy

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KISS! Integrated Marketing Strategy

This post is part of the 15 week curriculum I am developing and teaching in the Online Marketing Communications course at Northwest University. And now that all my students are online with their own socially integrated platforms we are revisiting our marketing goals and KPI’s.

Marketer’s are all in jeopardy of suffering the hamster syndrome if they are not careful. Pre- occupied with activity for activity sake, marketers often suffer from tactical spin, twirl and burn.

Communication processes, systems. They are tools to synthesize and harness creative communication innovation.

There’s that word again. Process. Journey.

Communicating your story, engaging people in your message is both a process and a journey. Not a one time tactic. So don’t be fooled- or you might end up a real tool. Think process. And along the way use KISS templates and outlines to streamline your creative genuis.

Step 1. Remember Integrated marketing communication is a process

Step 2. Remember I believe brand is dead-story is alive- but we must be clear on the ‘gut feeling’ the client has and your story.KISS marketing/branding here. And a model for business storytelling is here.

Step 2. Begin by developing clear goals and key performance indicators- that will serve as the success markers used to evaluate whether or not you achieved what you set out to!

Step 3. KISS and align marketing goals, marketing strategies and KISS Marketing tactics ( here’s the tactic worksheet)

The business goals will be measured by key performance indicators( KPI’s).

The Key performance indicators will be achieved by executing marketing strategies.

Each marketing strategy will include numerous tactics.

All tactics and strategies depend on investments of resources and are the responsibility of a specific individual or team.

Obviously anything creative doesn’t come out spreadsheet simple. The above distillation is only possible after hours of brainstorming and creative sessions that are anything but linear. However, when we get ready to commit to a marketing plan- it will look like this in it’s simplest form.

Now to take our KISS; strategic marketing plan to the next level.

What happens before and after each strategy is executed? And what must happen before and after each tactic is executed? Sequence matters in communication. So think.

What are the costs involved in executing each strategy and tactic?

And remember we are strategizing. Strategy is one part innovation, creativity other part critical thinking and analysis. And it’s not final…it’s a process. So don’t hyperventilate; you are still creating, go ahead discard, rethink, revise, create, innovate-!

Now it’s time to think about deadlines, budgets and people. What are the due dates and whose responsible? What is the budget per strategy? Our KISS strategic marketing plan is coming into focus.

I love it when the messy, innovative, creative marketing process is distilled and clearly illustrated with a couple simple tools. See marketing and communicating your message- is really quite simple. Isn’t it?

Now what questions do you want your web analytics to answer; yes – if you hit your KPI’s and goals!

Now it’s time to go kick some hiny-with YOUR Integrated Marketing Strategy. The world is waiting for your solutions, value and service.

Yes, I did say hiny! Want to learn more about me? Click here

Pam Hoelzle

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