Kiva Org:Small Business Loans To Change Lives Now in the U.S.

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Want to make a difference? Invest in a small business owner.
Micro-loans are made from one person to another and
is the visionary who is orchestrating the transfer of money from
one individual to another; all around the world.
Founded in 2005 to date Kiva has facilitated over $75 million
in loans between more than a half-million lenders in 185 countries.
Incredibly the repayment rate of these loans is 98.35%

On June 10, 2009
Kiva launched it’s successful model to the
U.S. believing that this is just the injection the U.S. economy needs.
So now the question is what can you and I do. First let’s make sure
we are all clear- this is exactly the kind of thinking and re-invention
the world needs. Second, do I have enough to make even one small
investment- and what would it take for me to get involved.
Let’s all do this go to the Kiva site
and look around. See if you
can find an entrepreneur you’d like to invest in and let’s all donate
say $25 – just to get in the game. Then let’s send the link to
everyone we know and especially the small businesses that need
loans now.
How can you and I make a difference – right now -today we
can do the thing we can do; spread the word, invest, connect,
resource those in our circle of influence and get the small business
owners we know who need loans online at Kiva…
Kiva …re-inventing the way we do business…changing lives- one
entrepreneur at a time!
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