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Leadership is about possibility.

 Leaders unleash possibility as they unleash human potential; theirs and others.

Ben and Rosumand Zander's book,   The Art of Possibility inspired me years ago and is a book I return to often. Ben Zander is a transformational leader. 


Leadership is about transforming ourselves and others. Leading. I've learned albeit the hard way, over the years is less about being right, power and control and more about relating, conducting and orchestrating. 

So today as I continue to muse over additional questions to help incite a leadership RESULTS REVOLUTION  I am struck by possibility.

 I'm thinking about Ben Zander's work,his book, ideas and especially about the practice of  giving  an A.

Zander's book inspired me years ago to review my metaphor for leadership and teaching. Ever since I've adopted the metaphor of  conductor and orchestrator for my leadership practice. In addition, I've realized that without faith I can't POSSIBLY lead myself out of bed…

These days when the unknown causes me to spend a few more minutes under the covers than normal I spend some moments reminding myself; I'm not alone.

 Like everyone, I have a few downward spiral, real life circumstances that if I were to engage my time, energy and attention into might just suck me under. Instead, after a momentary glance in the direction of reality doom and gloom I've taught myself ( some days it is prying  myself)  to embrace what is and simultaneously to firmly set my intention for what I want to create, what I want to manifest in word, deed and action and then after a quick knee drop to review my grateful list I roll out of bed and get on with the wild and woolly, curious, adventure of leading and living…

Transformation. Possibility. Unleashing potential. Conducting. Facilitating. Giving an A. Empowering. Framing autonomous opportunities for others to pursue mastery in areas of  passion, giftedness. Meaning and Purpose, that's what leadership is about for me. 

Here are a few more questions I'm asking myself…

1. When faced with less than satisfactory results; crisis, tragedy and disaster what do I do?  How do I separate what is, from what is STILL possible? How do I harmonize reality with possibility and continue to work from possibility?

2. How attached am I to; things, people, ego, beliefs, ideas, expectations, power, security  and how might my attachment limit my experience, reduce my curiosity, and hinder my ability to lead? What would it take for me to play all out, fully believing and yet not attaching to outcomes or results?

3. What is my impact on others? How might my ego, fears, insecurities negatively impact the unleashing of my potential and those who I work with and care for?

4 What results do I want to change; transform and what am I willing to do to make it happen?

I don't think Martin Luther King said, " I have a dream…I think these knuckleheads can achieve."

 Leaders must believe; in themselves, a power outside of themselves and in people!

Leading is believing…Your thoughts?

Pam Hoelzle

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