Leadership…is Serving

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Servant leadership…sounds too soft for you-heh? Well think again.

Supportive, ego submerged leaders are servants who quickly connect with others; with the tribe.

Top down is a paradigm that like the Berlin Wall is destined to  crumble. As was true for fascism and Communism some things appear to offer answers, when in reality their life spans are limited.

So what type of a leader are you…one that leads to crumbling walls, has a short life span or one that is sustainable, life giving?

Step back and take a few moments to think about how you show up as a leader…

How much time do you spend talking versus listening?
How many questions do you ask your clients and team a day?
When was the last time a client or employee pulled you aside just to talk, connect?
Does your tribe speak up, disagree, provide other points of views?
Who makes decisions in your team…frontline, clients…?
How far in advance does the frontline know of changes?
Is the frontline and all positions dialoging daily, weekly with input as to the key initiatives of the team?
If I went around to your employees how would they describe you, the culture? How would your clients describe you?
What did you do yesterday for one person on your team, for one client?
What do you pay attention to?
Where do you spend your time? Doing what?
What are you reading, doing and talking about?

Yesterday I posted on Twitter; Beauty is as beauty does; well so too;

 Leadership is as Leadership does.

What are you doing?

Are you serving your clients and employees- do they feel you exist to rock their worlds, make their lives better, increase happiness and overall make things better in your world…your tribe? (yes this can be profitable…)

Leadership- it's a job for a servant …with a heart for others.

Pam Hoelzle
Because leading matters

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