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Unleashed: A Leadership Mindset

(I'd love your input on leadership. Click here to answer a few questions AND if you participate you can share in the results)

I've led teams as large as 500 serving  20-30K people a week and I've led teams as small as me, myself and I.

Yes, leading me, or should I say, we; is often more challenging than leading a tribe of strangers…

When I was younger and less conscious (I need some excuse) I did crazy things like try to get my employees to quit versus having the liberating conversation about why they were so unhappy and what they wanted to do about it…

I bought into a plethora of leadership lies. Then one day, I think it was the day after my mother died I suddenly got real.  I woke up to the reality that the game doesn't go on, forever. Regardless of what you believe about what comes after planet earth, there is 100% probability you and I will die. So if we are all dying, then clearly none of us is God. If I'm not God and you aren't God, perhaps were all divinely equal and this whole leadership thing is more about cooperation and community than power, authority and manipulation? ( I call it the burp, fart and die rule; if you burp or fart then most likely you are just like the rest of us so relax and get over yourself.)

On Monday February 15th I will be kicking off a month long commitment to raising awareness about leadership.

Monday February 15th at 8 am PST join me, stream the conversation and get on line at twitter #leadchange and engage in the conversation between 8-9 am PST titled; The Leadership Gap.

Check back here for resources and musings over the next few weeks as I share; 20 leadership lies that will kill any team or dream, Leaders I'd die for, Leadership Questions,  Leadership molehills…and more as I  prepare to moderate a leadership social conversation you are invited to on March 3rd 6:30-8:30 PM PST. All the details will be posted here, on my blog Monday February 15; the conversation will be an event in real life and streamed and moderated on line. So wherever you are – you can be a part of the action.

So for now- how about you share your wisdom with me. Click here to fill out a quick- survey on leadership- its just 5 questions ( after the first 2):) If you want to receive the results from the survey make sure and leave me your name and email.

Join the conversation….I want to learn from you!

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