Leading and Parenting: Stewardship

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Parenting is similar to leadership isn't it?

They both necessitate a heart of service, a willingness to contribute,  a commitment to act as an agent of others, or another.  Leadership and parenting both call for stewardship. When we are a steward; we serve, facilitate and contribute. Stewards are in service of others.

You see, I use to think my job as a leader or a parent for that matter, was to be out in front scaling the mountain. I thought business and life was about getting somewhere, doing something; activity, accomplishments, acquisitions, possessions, wins. When in reality the ultimate goal of a leader and a parent is to be of service, to contribute to anothers life journey.

Leadership and parenting require servanthood and serving requires one submit. All  loving acts require submission. We submit to the fact that the lives we serve, care for are in nately valuable; as valuable as ours. We submit to the fact it is not our job as 'agents of others' to live these lives, control these individuals or manipulate them into living our lives.

 As  a leader and a parent I am called daily to submit, to serve, to contribute and to facilitate the journey. Over the years I have learned that parenting and leading is serving.

Much as the young waitress fills the  water glass, so to are you and I called to serve in our roles as leaders and parents. When the athlete puts the ball into "service" she puts the ball into play, she doesn't control the ball, she contributes to the 'game.'  A senator serves his constituents, a soldier his country.

The essence of parenting and of leadership is stewardship and stewardship is serving. The soul of parenting is to aid our children in the process of their 'becoming.' 

Stewards understand they don't own anything; not their children, their employees or the beach they live on. They see themselves as managers of, servants of, agents of ALL, EVERYTHING that has been  entrusted to them; environment, children, health, employees, clients, knowledge, wealth, skills, talents, connections, relationships and faith.

Stewards live with their palms open. They don't grasp and hold onto things or falsely believe it is their right to control, manipulate or cause any damage to that which has been entrusted to them. Stewards submerge their own ego and pride. They understand life isn't all about them, their lusts and desire for control. They understand that being an agent of others is a call to elevate, contribute and inspire others to their greatest heights.

Stewards understand their role is to be like the young woman in the photo above; that of a supporting agent; sometimes serving, sometimes managing, always contributing to the other, always intent that the 'others' purpose and life remain the focus.

Stewarding. As I prepare to take the next step in stewarding my own fifteen year old son's journey; his scaling of possibility. I fight the mother instinct within, that want's to clamp my fists tight and hold onto old beliefs. Instead I've taken the position of the young lady, pried my hands open and in an act of service am leading my son to a journey where he will climb with other stewards; not with me.

I understand the inclination to falsely believe our kids are ours. To believe possessions are ours, to act as if our actions on this earth don't matter. I get control and manipulation; I've done it. I get deeply unconscious living and leading; I've modeled it. But, it's time to wake up. It's getting late; late in our planet's life, late in our own lives and that which has been entrusted – is waiting to be served; enhanced; contributed to NOW!

How is your grasp?

Clinging to things, people, control or power?

Willingly serving or always demanding you be served?

Out in front ego maniac or submitting to serve?

Stewardship…it matters.

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