Let’s Get Real; Changing your business or career is scary!

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Business & Career Innovation & Reinvention – It’s Not Easybut it can be fun

This next week I will spend time ruminating, sharing and engaging business leaders, social change agents, and entrepreneurs in discussions around the topic of Getting Real CHANGE in their businesses and careers. I’d love to have you join me. On Monday April 19, 8-9 am PST ENGAGE in the conversation

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Lets get real. Changing your business or career is scary. If change was simple self development, innovation wouldn’t be a multi- billion dollar industry. Innovation isn’t natural or we’d experience Apple like innovation daily and we don’t.

Comfort, safety and security are human and organizational needs and the antithesis of change, innovation and reinvention. Reinventing what you’ve done and how you’ve supported yourself is high stakes change, change that matters.

Change Reality Check.

I like to tell my clients first we get real then we get clear.

Get Real

I guess you could call me the “Reality Chick” I help business leaders, entrepreneurs and social change agents get in touch with reality. Yes business and entrepreneurial change and innovation efforts begin with reality. Reality checks are the key to successful change, innovation and reinvention efforts. I thought we were suppose to begin with ‘the end in mind’ you say. No. Change begins with reality. Envisioning and vision casting begins with ‘the end in mind’ but changing a business, career, reinventing and innovating; begins with reality.

A reality check includes reviewing your current results, a nuts and bolts look at what is working and what isn’t and then it extends to the leader personally and then outward to the competitive landscape, marketplace, client, employees and all the other parties engaged in the venture, business, organization or life.

Get Real then Clear.

Clarity comes from being present to what is – incredible opportunities are discovered during business and personal reality checks. It is these opportunities that need to be mined for opportunities to change, reinvent and innovate. Its these discoveries that will lead to innovative strategies and models. How congruent are each of the opportunities, do they lead you somewhere you really want to be. Which opportunities are best to pursue? Timing is everything as is the team and the model. Innovative business models and reinvented leadership plans, lives and ventures are created as we look and think in new ways about the opportunities that exist in your current reality.

Set sail

Once we clearly see the new goal, solution, end in mind we are free to design an innovate business model, a reinvented framework- the how. The model will eventually inform the plan which is really nothing more than a backward map that leads us back from ‘the end in mind goal’ to here where we stand today.

This is the algorithm part where we put the innovation and reinvention, change into a recipe for the business and individual to succeed. This is where the’ how to do it’ happens and the chunked out ingredient by ingredient recipe is developed.

Yes change, reinvention and innovation can be scary if you don’t do it for a living every day):

There is a way to take what is unknown and turn it into fun. There is a process to design change and reinvention into your life and business so that it becomes normal, I didn’t say comfortable. Change, improvement, creation, innovation, reinvention, adding value well it’s what keeps me up at night and it’s what gets me up in the morning so if you want – join me next week Monday am, Wednesday afternoon or call me and let’s chat about the change you want to be and make!

Pam Hoelzle

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