Life Is As Good, As You Decide It Is.

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Midweek Ice Cream, Sydney Australia Photo by Alex Promios

“Life Is As Good As YOU, Decide IT is

Grumbling over a slight inconvenience I slammed the car door.

IT’s a GREAT DAY, mom.” Zach smiled

Oh yah, what makes you so sure?” I sighed.

It’s payday at Taco Time!”

Of course. Just like my own son to remind me of a truth I’d momentarily forgotten when I was feeling a tad bit, okay, well ALOT cranky.

“Life Is As Good, As You Decide IT is.”

Funny how my perspective gets all blurred and distorted depending on where I’m looking, what I’m thinking about and how I interpret reality. I was focusing on an irritation, any surprise I was feeling irritated and acting irritating?

As race car drivers know all to well, where you look you go. Want to hit the wall? Stare at it.

Want to live in the past? Rewind it. Want to feel crappy; think about all the crappy things that have happened to you.

Now, granted there is a time and place for grieving, anger and every emotion. I’m not talking about denying reality and living a polyanna existence. NO, I’m talking about losing sight of all that is good. I’m talking about losing perspective on all that is GOOD, okay and kinda sort of positive. I’m talking about outlook, gratitude and perspective.

What are you looking at? How good or bad have you decided the next minute, hour, day, year will be?

Today is a great day.

How do I know? Because, my 17 year old told me.

And it’s payday at Taco Time…

Of course.

Life Is As Good, As YOU Decide IT is.

Pam Hoelzle

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