Lose your story & jump in!

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jour cinquante (lemme jump in)

Sometimes our stories imprison us. Sometimes ‘back story’ holds so much power it keeps us from jumping in to our life and business; here, now in real time.

Take a moment and think about the people you love, care about. How many of them are repeating some part of their ‘backstory?’ How many of them are repeating past life chapters, incompletions, negative behaviors, wounds; dissapointments, failures and circumstances? How many have a tainted perspective of what is possible because of their past, what they have experienced? How many are imprisoned by part of all of their back story? Stories? Are some of them in endless loops; doing things they don’t want too?

How many times have you wondered why you seem to be repeating something from the past, feeling the same way, stuck or not getting the results you want?

I have to confess. Me too. I too have been the girl in the photo above. Standing outside of my life, caught up in my story, desperate to create new results but somehow sidelined.

I guess, I’m a slow learner because even though I made a conscious decision to really show up and live a very authentic life, nearly 10 years ago I still have moments where my back story; fears from the past, memories, wounds impede my progress. That’s when I tell myself lose your story, girlfriend. Lose your story.

I want to be unleashed. Fully living my life . I want meaning and purpose to be the filter for all my decisions and I want to combine a life of meaning and congruency with profit in business. I want to design a life where I show up investing in the priorities I value. I want to control what I do with my vital resources and I want to be consciously congruent in my actions and deeds not unconsciously repeating some comfortable story, or back story.

I’m kind of a slow learner. It hasn’t been easy for me , this designing a life and business that is both meaningful, profitable and congruent with my priorities. I get scared like you do. I lose my bearings. I sometimes go unconscious and start repeating old familiar habits and patterns. It’s not easy staying true to what you believe and following your passion down a road that is exponentially ambiguous to create a goal, dream that is yet to manifest.

You see it’s taken me almost forever to give myself permission to define what true success means to me.

It’s taken me nearly 5 decades to figure out that meaning and purpose is as important as anything to me.

It’s taken me a life time to figure out that there is no right way to build a company or design a life.

It’s taken me almost forever to figure out that it’s okay to take a path that veers far away from my back story.

I am aware that at every turn I have an option to repeat what is comfortable, socialized, acceptable or deemed as normal or comfortable. Every moment I get to decide just like the girl in the photo does, do I want to jump in and create my life and business or do I want to watch, remember or replay the past?

The clock is ticking. Time is flying. Some stories are meant to be cherished, others to be forgotten. Life it’s meant to be lived, designed and consciously created.

So my advice to myself is: Show up. Be yourself. Be clear on who you are. Be real. Stay present to what is important to you. Unleash yourself. Invest your vital life resources in designing a meaningful life. Be passionate. Combine passion, meaning and profits and girlfriend; jump in!

Lose your story. Jump in. Unleash yourself!

Pam Hoelzle

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