Losing MY Potential

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Losing MY Potential

Stepping Onto the Scale I exhale.

The red letters blink, ” Under Potential.”

Shifting to the right I work to disrupt the scale. “LESS THAN EXPECTED,” it responds.


If only I’d done more, accomplished more, been more…

As the bar to the high jumper, my POTENTIAL taunts. Like the panel of judges it condemns.

Turning inward, I pursue IT.

Losing myself, I chase POTENTIAL.

Here, there, everywhere. More, MORE, MORE. Bigger, BIGGER, BIGGER. Better, BETTER, BETTER.

Exasperated I rest. IT responds, “Don’t stop now.”

Seeking refuge my eyes float heavenward.

Love gazes in. My soul gazes back.

Forgetting myself. I’m losing my potential.

Pam Hoelzle

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