MAJORING in the minors?

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Minor League Baseball photo by eviltomthai

I’ve done it. Maybe you have too?

Spent countless hours doing insignificant things.

When the time investments you and I make with our one incredible, precious life are in-congruent with what we value we are majoring in the minors, living a life that is insignificant and altogether a waste of time based on how we were created, gifted and wired. When you and I major in the minors, the teams, organizations, companies and ventures we lead flounder.

Struggling with motivation? Feeling burnout or just plain discouraged?

Perhaps you’re not aligned with what’s important to you at this season, intersection, phase of your life.

Majoring in the minors? Investing your one, precious, self in things that don’t matter to you or are no longer a priority or significant to you?

Passionate lives demand significant investments.

What matters to you? Major in it!

Pam Hoelzle

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