Maybe all you need to grow your business is a reality check?

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Get Real and get ready to grow your business and reinvent your results.

Here is the MP3 of my take on Business Reality Checks and my interview with Thach Nuygen and Larry Braden

This video is one of the most inspiring video’s I’ve ever watched. Clay Dyer epitomizes inspiration, heart and soul. His story brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. Here is a man who wouldn’t ask for anything different- not an arm or two or legs. Clay Dyer has never treated himself special, he uses everyday gear just like the other pro’s. He fishes at just below the level of the top pro’s in the fishing industry. He believes all you need is heart, soul and mind, he believes he has everything he needs. Amazing? Miraculous? An example of a reality based hero, living his passion with single minded focus.

Clay Dyer you are my hero.

Where might single minded, reality based, focus take you and I, our businesses and lives?In life as in business there are things that are outside of our control. Let’s get real. All the cards aren’t dealt fairly or evenly in every hand, maybe ever. So deal with it.

It is what it is. Clay wasn’t in control of the body he was born with. He is however in control of how he responds every day to his reality. So to are we.

I call it getting real. It’s where greatness starts; reality, embracing what is and as Thach Nuygen will share tomorrow, “surrendered to the worse case scenario.” The first step of growing, changing, reinventing, innovating anything in your life or business is having a reality check.

I’ve spent the past 20 years learning how to help others build and grow their lives and businesses. Over the years I’ve developed a process that I’ve taken for granted and yet it’s the magic, secret sauce I bring to every client, to each life I touch. So I’ve decided to share it. To make a tool available to all and to formalize the process so that I can help more people – identify the pieces of the puzzle they are missing. I will be sharing the overview and elements of my process for growing business over the next few weeks and within 4-5 weeks expect to see the Business Reality Check on my site as a downloadable business tool in e-book form. If you don’t want the do it yourself form- then hire me):

Business Reality Check

The world is volatile, uncertain and ambigous to grow, thrive and survive we all need to sharpen our entrepreneurial skills, invest in continual learning, commit ourselves to a process of rigorous reality, continually evaluate our results against goal, review all business assumptions, listen and engage clients, employees, associates, partners, vendors and understand the competitive landscape we are competing within.

You can’t afford to be blindsided, don’t allow blind spots to exist. Get clear on what you don’t know about your businesses strengths, engage all stakeholders and you will discover incredible opportunities to seize and grow your life and business.

Business Reality Check …a process to grow your business!

What…is real?


Why….this path?


How….will we do it?

When….will we get there?

The Business Reality Check Key Success Elements

Be Real

Be Clear

Be Meaningful

Be Collaborative

Be Innovative

Be Flexible, Dynamic and Open

The process begins with a rigorous evaluation of your current results and then in turn evaluates each key element of your business. After the ‘What is real’ step we create a clear picture of ‘where we are going.’ The competitive landscape, market reality, client and all stakeholders realities are reviewed to uncover opportunities to grow the business and the leader. Blind spots are identified, strengths, weaknesses and threats are clarified and opportunities are discovered. After vetting out the opportunities we answer the ‘WHY this path’ question as we filter opportunities through the business passion, best at, expertise, values and vision. Now we can innovate, reinvent and seize the opportunities with a dynamic, flexible and open business model. Then we execute an engaging relational, community based collaborative plan.

It’s a changing world – the recipe for business success is changing- too!

Pam Hoelzle

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