What Might STILL Be Possible?

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Original Art of Ben Koissaba

What Might Still Be Possible?

What if you were peacefully working for your fellow countrymen and women’s civil rights?

What if you were sent to jail, under gun fire for opposing the government’s actions?

What if you loved your country, Kenya and yet knew something was very, very wrong?

What if you were invited to the United Nations to speak of the human rights violations?

What if your supervisor was gunned down, shot, killed?

What if you were told you could never return to your country, for fear you’d be killed?

What if you had 4 children of your own in Kenya and 4 others you were supporting you could not return to?

What if you were given political asylum but nothing more?

The photo above is original artwork which now hangs in my dining area. A gift from my friend Ben Kossiaba. Ben is a passionate man with a big vision for human rights and civil liberties. He has a heart for oppressed people groups and specifically for his people in Kenya. This is his story. Ben is in the masters program at Northwest University. He is starting over and his story has me asking myself,

“What might STILL be possible, if I believed it was?”

Look around you. What might be possible if you were to let go of what was and entertain all possibilities before you. I’m looking to connect Ben with employment that can allow him to continue to support the 8 children in Kenya he loves dearly. I’m looking to help Ben find the work he was born to do, the work to empower, liberate people who are oppressed.

What might be STILL be possible for you, I and Ben – if we believed it was?

Pam Hoelzle

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