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Tony Robbins and thoughts on why we do what we do…

I'm in post 3 of 5 on discussing questions for a leadership RESULTS REVOLUTION. 

Inspired by Daniel Pink's post on the science of motivation. I'm reflecting on questions for leaders to ask to revolutionize results.

I apologize if you find Tony's language offensive, I find him highly inspiring. 

My belief about the goal of leadership and my philosophy on people is best explained by one of  Michelangelo's famous quotes in which he explains that inside of every block of stone and marble there is a beautiful, whole and perfect statue waiting to be released, to be rid of it's  excess material, to be liberated, so that others can see it…

What Michelangelo saw in the block of stone I see in every human being. Beauty, potential, power, evidence of the miraculous.  I am drawn to how I might liberate, give wings, empower, resource the individual in much the same way Michelangelo was inspired to release the statue from the excess material that held it captive. 

 Liberating, empowering, resourcing. Leadership for me is quite simply, creative service.

As a leader I orchestrate, co-create and facilitate opportunities and experiences that unleash human potential, create opportunities for miraculous human beings to shine, grow, pursue mastery and contribute.

Here are  3 leadership questions I am currently challenged by:

1. What are my beliefs, focus, perspective that shape my relationships, my venture and team? How is my perspective impacting others?

2. Why do I do what I do? What motivates me; certainty, variety, significance, connection, love , growth & mastery, contribution?  How do my needs impact my role as a leader?

3. Have I created a safe, confidential and transparent way for everyone in my life to provide  authentic, accurate feedback; stakeholders; clients, employees, vendors, advisor's, alliances, family, friends,  peers? Am I listening, reflecting, open to engaging and responding to how I might improve?  If not why? Does every leader on my team get continuous, accurate feedback from those he/she serves and works with as well as clients? IF not; why?

Want to start a RESULTS REVOLUTION? What are 3 questions you'd suggest I spend time with?

Pam Hoelzle

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