No Boundaries: Find The “WHAT” your “WHY” is most Excited BY: Don’t Give Up on Your Dreams!

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I assume by now you’ve met YES and MORE? Kind of
addicting aren’t they? What if there are no
boundaries once we learn how to wield NO and LESS?
Daily I work with entrepreneurs and leaders
who are wondering if it’s too late to realize
their dreams, if there are really boundaries
to what is possible for them NOW.
More and Yes are often times the culprits
that seduce entrepreneurs and leaders
away from their dreams. An insatiable yes
and an unbridled More steal precious moments
and rob resources and energy from dreams.
These two high octane words; MORE and YES
have the ability
to propel you to your dreams or launch
you over the cliff.
Success or death? To know
what to say yes to and what to say no to
we need to be clear about the WHAT and
WHY of our lives and our businesses.
The WHAT of of business and life is your purpose,
passion, vision; the end in mind. For Adam Lambert
WHAT is singing…
The WHAT of life is the filter for every YES and every
MORE decision you and I make.
For an example if my “What” is to
eradicate AIDS and to be a great wife and mother
then I say yes and more to opportunities
that allow me to live this purpose and
NO and LESS to
opportunities that don’t. I want to live a boundary less
life of possibilities and dreams and this is only possible
if I choose what to invest my precious time, resources
and talent in.
The “WHY” of business and life is the compelling
reason our “WHAT IS WHAT we must do! In the
example above the woman is passionate
about AIDS because her
brother died of AIDS and she also values family
and motherhood…LOVE.
Living your dreams, realizing possibilities depends
on being crystal clear as to your intent, passion, purpose
and what gives your life meaning. When you are clear
possibilities are boundary less and it becomes easy to
say YES and MORE or to the WHAT you most desire.
Daily I meet haggard entrepreneurs, founders
and leaders who have been seduced by the opium of our times…
insatiable MORE and unbridled
It’s faulty thinking and socialized bologna that more and
yes are always the best choice. Matter of fact, often times
to go after a dream in boundary less fashion we have to
wield our NO and LESS consistently and forcefully.
A life of integrity and purpose, a business that fuels
meaning demand the entrepreneur, the individual
stay focused on their WHAT and WHY and that
demands saying NO and doing LESS many times.
Not all action is progress, not all busyness meaningful.
So WHAT is your passion, purpose, vision and dreams
for your life and your business?
and WHY is it so dang important?
Now what do you need to say NO to – so you
can say YES to the WHAT…. your WHY is most Excited by?
This is your one incredible life so start today live all of your
possibilities by finding your NO and doing LESS on everything
that isn’t the WHAT your WHY is most excited by and then you
will discover that Adam Lambert was right there really are
no boundaries for you. Live your Dreams!
Pam Hoelzle
NO …it’s not what I thought

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