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Now Money Now and Small Business

Now money Now is a saying I picked up years ago.   

We receive money; for solving problems and capitalizing on opportunities that add value to others. If Now Money Now is an issue here are  few questions to get the green stuff flowing.

What does your current accounts receivable look like? If other people are working on your money, perhaps it's time for a pay pal account, project deposits and weekly invoicing. Accept credit card, change payment practices, bill more frequently and offer discounts for prepaying.

Are you adding value and not monetizing the value? Is everything you do- free? Quit it: NOW! For me to value you- you must first value yourself. I've fallen  into this trap myself; acting as if I was the small business Mother Teresa. What are ways you can take current free offerings and develop revenue streams from the free platforms. Think micro transactions and volume or average ticket and add ons. What do your clients want from you and how do you engineer it to be a high value solution that creates now money now for your business?

Have times changed, timing off, the market impacting your current mix of products and services? Get over it! What problems and current market opportunities are you a solution for? Remember the more value you add, the more people you serve the greater your monetization potential. Timing is critical so if its not time for what you are doing what time is it for??? Perhaps you need to change your target client, you can add a complimentary service, become a business to business solution instead of a direct to consumer. Perhaps it's time to go back and put some of your past skills and expertise to use in a new venture?

Do you need more resources to do what you want to do? Think outside the box; barter, collaborate, trade, contract, join forces. The right people can help now money now flow.

Are there addons, additional no cost items that could generate value that are being overlooked? What is happening in alternative or complementary industries that might offer you opportunity? Past clients that you've forgotten about? New alliances that are yet untapped? 

What percentage of your time are you focused on the elements which create now money now and what percentage of the time are you spending on future money future?

Entrepreneurs, creators, business owners; are solutionists; individuals who use their lives to solve problems that add value to others.

Now Money Now- !

Pam Hoelzle

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