Old Stories…

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There was that time when….And then there was….And I remember when….Of course there was the time when HE ….And then when SHE…

Stories. Enertaining to watch and listen to.

Polarizing, suffocating, restrictive when they define us and others. When they morph into false beliefs, labels and chains that imprison us to the past.

What story defines your current reality?

And what are YOUR stories about others?

And your story about you?

Old stories can be heartwarming and they can be vampires, leaving you exhuasted and hopeless.

What stories have you told yourself to cope, handle and move forward?

Have any of these stories become the foundation of false beliefs and assumptions you make unconsciously- daily?

Are the stories of your past- encouraging you to live your best life or keeping you from creating a NEW story?

When OUR stories become prisons instead of memories to celebrate life – it’s time for a new story.

Stories. Our stories often lead to our beliefs about ourselves and others…watch out what stories you tell yourself…

Pam Hoelzle

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