Online is the Culture: 1.4 Billion people online

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Social Media Landscape, originally uploaded by fredcavazza.

On line is culture. On line- now over 1.4 billion people

Facebook has over 175 million users if it were a country it would be the 8th most populous in the world…Have you seen what facebook fan pages can do for business?

Myspace has over 125 million users.

Twitter has an estimated 55 million tweets a day and over 7 Million unique users daily.

Over 1 Billion videos are watched every day on utube and over 13 hours of video is uploaded.

Flickr has over 3 billion photos online…and there's no limit to how many you can store….free. Getty images is now doing it's screening online…

City search and yelp attest for over million reviews a month

My trip advisor has over 20 million reviews online

Offline is now online the two HAVE merged.

The age ahead is all about content. It operates horizontally across all boundaries it's not vertical. It's also engaging everyone is sharing with everyone else it's not hiearchal or linear it's random based on individual choice; we get to choose who we want to connect with, share with , collaborate with and our connecting transcends geographical boundaries.

 Democratization at it's ultimate! Everyone is a publisher, and editor, a content creator and for us freedom junkies there's never been a sweeter sound …than the sound of tribal engagement. Of everyone and I mean everyone getting in the game…

Freedom. Let it ring…

Free platforms, collaborative share ware, social networking sites, blogs, content…the world is rapidly changing and in this plethora of information those who can put information into context for others and deliver it with emotion will be invaluable.

What is your story- what is the context and how can you deliver it with emotion across the horizontal online world- the world of social media and social networking?

Pam Hoelzle
It's not what I thought….

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