Open Your Hands; Open Your Heart: Lessons From 100 Days of Hot Yoga In A Row

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Lessons From 100 Days of Hot Yoga In A Row

On Jan 12th I started what I believed would be a 30-60 day Hot Yoga Challenge. A challenge between me, myself and I. When 30 days rolled around I shared my secret with Danielle, the cute blonde with me in the photo (manager and teacher extraordinaire at Hot Yoga Inc in Kirkland). Next I aimed for 60. When 60 days rolled around I decided to go for 90 and then of course 100 was so close….

Today is day 103 and I can’t tell you when this streak will end.

Why? Well, clearly I’m weird. Decades of running, coaching, skiing, hiking and biking have proven that I just do better when I’m exhausted. A competitive athlete, I spent most of my life running until my right knee said, “ENOUGH.” Hot Yoga syncs up with the athlete I am and it’s teaching me that at 48 years of age I can still learn new things and achieve new levels of physical, mental and spiritual health.

Here are a few of the lessons I’m taking away from the last 100 days in the Hot Room.

Life is a “practice” let go of the need to make it “perfect.”

Open Your Hands; Open Your Heart. Why have my fists been clenched for so long?

Ground yourself, stand in your own feet. Hold your head tall

Every moment things are ending and beginning. Let go of what was so you can engage in what is.

Let it go.

My life is an act of worship to Christ and I CAN do that everywhere I go. I can do it in an eeny teeny bikini, in a bath robe. In a classroom, with an entrepreneur and at hot yoga; sweaty,looking like Airplane man next to my friends Lucy the Baptist from Vietnam, Lisa the Catholic Italian, Leah the beautiful one and Ben the Budhist.

15-30 breaths can keep you from passing out, throwing up, running out of class or screaming “open the flipping door, window or move that blue mat before I pass out!!!” Try it. Next time you feel you just can’t bear another minute of whatever challenge you face. Take 15. Then take another 15. If need be lay face down on the ground, preferably in your own sweat:-)

Get a backbone. You heard me. Stand up for what you believe, who you are. Show up, stop cowering around acting like you’re not the brilliant, miracle you ARE.

If I go to yoga for another 200 days or maybe 1000 days I might someday have abs like Faith and hamstrings like Danielle:-) ( I have ab and hamstring lust- I CONFESS!)

When you fall out; Get right back into it. Life is a participation sport. If you’re on the sidelines you’re not living.

Expose your limitations, stop hiding your truth. Out in the light all things grow.

Push back and fall forward; simultaneously. Most of what is best in life demands illogical falling and pushing through preconceived limits and restrictions. You and I were made to soar.

Focus. Be deliberate. Peace is within.

Be present. Invite your mind, body and spirit to show up because when you do life becomes an amazing kaleidoscope of experience. Rich. Full. Vibrant.

My waist does really exist it was just in hiding….

The mind can be a prison. Don’t let false assumptions and others opinions limit what God has for you!

Make a decision. Cut off possibilities and do those things that most matter.

The weirdo Christian Pharisee types that say don’t do yoga, haven’t met Lucy, Lisa or I . I challenge all of them to 100 days straight in the hot room…Don’t judge what you have not experienced.

I like myself better on my knees, humbled by all that I have yet to learn.

100 days of hot yoga- what it’s teaching me!

Pam Hoelzle

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