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Pamelyn Hoelzle

 Edmonds, WA 98020; c.425.218.5864

A gifted, entrepreneurial, business expert Pam Hoelzle has owned service companies grossing $18 M+,

(co sales + franchise division) launched startups, owned product and services businesses, sold companies, franchised, hit home runs and struck out. . .

A proven entrepreneur for over 20 years Hoelzle is skilled, intuitive and knowing in the art and science of growing businesses. With clients internationally and on both coasts Pam has proven herself across geographical markets and across industries, teaming with; start-ups, internet companies, restaurants/coffee shops, surfing and yoga retreats, international photographers, fine artists, authors, construction companies, interior design and graphic firms; consumer product companies. 

A visionary Pam gets “it” the  business model, the business strategy; the vision of each venture and quickly identifies the missing elements. A synthesizer, who see’s the big picture Pam is a pro at galvanizing the teams she works with to see new business opportunities, to increase sales, improve customer loyalty, increase;  gross profit, cash flow, net operating and ROI.

  An experienced guide Pam  conducts people and companies from where they are today , to where they want to be; along the way… lives and businesses are transformed


InspireU/Inspired4Kids: Founder 2004-current

Business Consulting/teaming with founders to increase; sales and grow profitability.

Teaming to scale, turn around, start-up and divest. International, East Coast, West Coast.

                Co-Owner, Third Dimension Salons 1986-2001

Co- owned and led this $18 million dollar company; 500 associates serving over 30, 000 clients  a week in 40 companies owned and 20 franchised service units. As Co-Owner Pam    was     responsible for the business model, strategic planning, marketing, education/ training and    the leadership team which led to a profitable divesture to an international company


                 Kera Vita Inc Co-Founder 1993-2003

 Co-designed Kera Vita hair care brand with past V.P. of Revlon Realistic and built to seven digit   revenue stream with exclusive distribution in Third Dimension Salons. Brand was re-        engineered and received Nordstrom beta approval in 2004.


                Degree: B.S. in Marketing, University of Illinois, 1987

                Degree: Masters In Teaching: Seattle Pacific University, 2002-2004

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