I Would Have Made A Terrible Farmer: Patience

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Farm Equipment in Sunol Regional Wildernessphoto by By donjd2

Perseverance & Patience

These twins have been dogging me for nearly a decade. Can you hear me squirming? I would have made a terrible farmer, absolutely intolerant of those early shoots and their mere half inch growth status. Cajoling them to grow faster, be fruitful and multiply. I can just hear myself now, coaching the corn…

For most of my life speed and growth, improvement and change has been akin to strategy, well what I REALLY meant to say was breath.

I saw life as a race to win, not a journey to savor.

And growth, well as curious as I am its taken me quite some time, dragging here behind the pickup of life, to understand its not so much a destination as it is a journey.

So are you in the middle of a new season? Just out of a winter so dreary everything you expected to birth appears frozen beyond recognition? Or perhaps you are in a time of growth and exhilaration and you can’t slow down for fear the blossoms of promise will die on the vine.

Wherever you are; be there.

Send your roots deep and savor wherever you are. Have patience with all in your life and remember all of us, this side of heaven are incomplete sojourners making our way.

Oh, that you would hug these two twins; patience and perseverance close and know they are your friends, not your enemies.

Be well world changer.

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Pam Hoelzle

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