Pay It Forward: Want to Help?

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Pay It Forward- will you join me in Paying it Forward

Although the movie has been out for years, it seems there's never been a better time to re-ignite the Pay It Forward Movement.

Will you join me?

There's no dues, clubs or any meetings, all you need is an open
heart, a willingness to make a difference and the courage to take

Pay It Forward by helping 3 people and then ask these 3 people to Pay IT Forward to 3 more people.

Sure, some of us have helped numerous people but this is different this is a movement- this is helping and then asking others to join us and pay it forward to others…Just Pay It Forward.

I use to help others and didn't say a word…but now things are changing…

Now I'm looking for three people I can help in a big way; do something for they can't do for themselves- something big and then I'm going to ask each of them to Pay It Forward to 3 additional people..Then I'm going to find 3 more people and Pay It Forward again…and I'm going to ignite a movement…I'm going to do this forever…until I can't find anyone to help…

It's been said, 'Ask and you shall receive…"

I want to galvanize a movement of abundance- a revolution- I want to mount a proactive attack on the enemies: fear, scarcity and doubt.

When did Americans become complacent? When did we begin sitting back and waiting for someone else to heal the pains around us…when did we stop helping each other…?

Leaders…lead, they galvanize others to do things that matter; helping others matters- now more than ever.

What if you and I are the solution? What if our neighbors, needs could be met- simply by throwing ourselves and our networks wholeheartedly into PAYING IT FORWARD?

It's not just you…it's who you know- it's who listens to you- it's who
you have influence with.

You see the math of Pay It Forward is exponential…

3 people become 9 people
9 grows to 27 people
27 grows to 81
81 grows to 243 people
243 grows to 729…..

This is how you good spreads to INFINITY and BEYOND!

I can no longer sit by -too many people need help- now!
It's time for people like you and I; leaders to
get out and make some good happen, to galvanize everyone we
know into taking part, to actively turn this world around- one life
at a time.

Will you join me?

I don't want any recognition.

I want a revolution.

Add your comment here on my blog or post a comment about your Pay It Forward journey at

Start your own PAY IT FORWARD groups on Twitter, facebook, linked in…and your blog.

Let's Make this happen! I've done the math…it's incredible all we need to do is open our hearts to the people around us…we can do this…join me.

Watch the video – make a decision then
tweet me up at pamhoelzle, post a comment or email me at I want to hear how you are galvanizing your
circle of influence, your tribe to PAY IT FORWARD.

Pam Hoelzle

Because I still believe we can change the world…

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