Pride Goes Before The Fall

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The most common reason I’ve failed?

I’ve assumed I knew things I didn’t. I grew projects and teams without the right people. I talked instead of listened. I told instead of asked.

Pride goes before the fall.

And you? Leaders. Entrepreneurs; we are falling all over the place. And there’s nothing wrong with falling down, but many of us are falling because we are making assumptions that just aren’t true. We are not sober in our estimations of ourselves. Matter of fact, sometimes we are delusional. Not knowing at all- what we don’t know.

Are you telling, or asking? Spouting or listening? When people talk do you hear? Are you sober in your estimation of what you know and what you don’t?

All around me projects and ventures teeter as entrepreneurs and leaders wage war with their own selves…with pride…with their truth. They act as if they know everything, struggle to ask, build team and talk and lead in areas they have little understanding, they silence people who could help them, cut off expertise they need – all because they are the LEADER, CEO.

Blinded by pride we fall.

Pride goes before the fall. Is it keeping you from being honest about your current results, venture, life and relationships?

Pam Hoelzle

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