The Prison Warden In The Mirror

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The Prison Warden In The Mirror

We become what we repeatedly do. Being; results from our thoughts and our actions.

If you are chained to behaviors, results, thoughts and ways of being that you’re unhappy with, that no longer represent the life you want then it’s time to face the mirror. You my darling, ( me too) are the prison warden in the mirror. In most cases it’s your decisions, beliefs, assumptions and actions that are chaining you to a life that no longer represents who you want to be. Ready to get free? Ready to be your own bailout? To be the change you hunger for?

First; know that regardless of what has happened, you are NOT a victim. Period. You are a survivor and even more important you were born to THRIVE and soar.

I know, life sucks, sometimes. Many times. Shit happens. And so… we pick it up, throw it away and continue. NO use keeping it around. Life can get pretty stinky if you don’t learn how to become a proficient life pooper scooper and experienced at getting on with it! Go ahead cry, scream and grieve. But when you’re done. Clean out the crap. Let go of the waste. It’s time to get up and live.

Happiness and joy are more choice than chance. It’s not so much what happens in life but how you respond. You have a choice. You can be the prison warden in the mirror. You can cozy up with all that’s stinky in life and lug it around or you can wake up and realize you have the keys to freedom. It’s a choice.

The captives have been set free; well the captives that want to be…

Ask yourself:

What’s not working in my life?

Relationally/Emotionally, Physically, Financially, Spiritually, Intellectually, other?


What are the prior decisions, events that are tied to this?

What beliefs, assumptions, decisions resulted?

How might these past; decisions, assumptions and beliefs be impacting you?

What are the beliefs, agreements that are true now?

If you can’t find the keys to that prison of yours by all means call a friend, get a coach, develop an advisory team– but by all means ,don’t sit there any longer, take action.

The prison warden in the mirror, that’s who has the keys.

Pam Hoelzle

425 218 5864

Get Unleashed; take back control!

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