Seattle business consulting, consultants, consultant or coach; What the heck are you?

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People ask me all the time, "What do you do and do you do it just in Seattle? Are you a consultant specializing in business consulting or are you a business coach; and if so what’s the difference?"

Business Consulting. Business Coach. Business Consultant.

Mostly I am team. I team with entrepreneurs, founders and their teams to create, grow, lead and live their ventures.  I work in Seattle and my clients have been as geographically diverse as Mexico, New York and Orlando Florida.

I work with pr e-startups to envision the future and develop the business model. I work in early stage ventures to define, develop the business model, assimilate the team and develop the financial projections and strategic action plan. I co-orchestrate, co-lead, co-develop, co-create  and co-design the infrastructure of successful phase two businesses in an effort to scale them; growing their sales and increasing their profitability. I am the founder’s guide.

My belief is that each entrepreneur, dreamer, person is an artist; their venture, their life, their dream their vision; the mosaic, the masterpiece. My clients are master architects, chief designers, pilots.  I work as co-pilot, co- builder, co-designer, emowering and resourcing them as I conduct the journey of moving them from where they are to where they want to be.

With my experience; Co- owner of a $18 Million company(12.6 in Co. sales/5M+ in Franchise Division) startups, co-owning, founding; product and services businesses, selling companies, franchising, hitting  home runs and striking out(a venture that didn’t get capitalized.) I bring over 20 years of experience to my clients. I am skilled, intuitive and knowing.

My clients will tell you I "get it" I "see it" and  this allows me to quickly identify the missing elements of each unique venture, mosaic, business. Over the years I’ve refused to grow in neatness, quietness, or political correctness but the one thing I have mastered is the elements necessary for any business to succeed.

This does not in any way, mean that I have all the answers rather that I bring an experienced, proven approach and sequence to finding answers; the right ones.

What I really do is act as business adventure guide and personal CEO to the founders; more than anything else.

I’m  experienced in the game of life and business and that’s what my clients count on.

They depend on me to guide them from where they are, to where they want to be; confident that I’ve been through enough white water,  know the ropes and am the seasoned the perfect team member to guide them through the rapids of the next stage of their businesses and dreams.

I have a gift AND a passion for co-creating masterpieces (lives and businesses) regardless of the economic, social or emotional circumstances that threaten.

             I am team.

             Pam Hoelzle


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