Simple is better; Marketing made Simple

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Simple is Better; Marketing Made Simple

I’ve been working with a couple small business clients and a classroom full of undergraduates this week and everyone appears to have the same issue.

And the issue is; it’s taking 500 words to communicate their value and that is WAY TOO MANY WORDS…

Complexity, confusion and over communicating can be terminal in relating, building rapport and engaging others.

I’ve spent the week asking questions, refining and reviewing all types of websites and written material. I know I’m guilty of this very marketing sin. The truth is we are ALL saying too much; while saying too little.

The world doesn’t need more words, diagrams or fancy videos. Clients are overwhelmed by their options. They want to find what they are looking for, solutions to their problems and pain- not diatribes and white paper justification.

Cut to the chase. Identify the problem, opportunity or pain that you solve and then for gosh darn, holy socks sake, communicate simply; just like your clients would..


Simple communications, effective marketing has a tone, a way, a being that is absolutely aligned with the consumer and target it is designed for. Simple marketing sounds like the client- not you!

So if you’re talking to rappers- rap. And if you’re talking to PhD’s spout doctor-ially. But for crying out loud, don’t PhD talk when the client is a human resource executive and don’t rap to a white stuff-shirt, I mean executive.

And express it with as few words as possible.


Wrap your incredibleness, brand, value all up in 3- 7 words.

These 3-7 words drive home your value, what we can expect from you and serve as your promise to clients.

I like Metropolitan Grill’s brand promise; ‘Seattle’s Best Steak’ and

Eastlake Church’s; ‘Church for the Rest of Us.’

You want marketing made simple?

Think clearly and communicate powerfully. And don’t dare create marketing messages standing in your own shoes from the comfort of your own life.

Simple is defined by the client. Client speak. Powerful marketing is crafted from the client’s perspective, feel their feelings, undertake their schedules, wear their shoes, hold their beliefs, have their wants and needs.

Simple is not easy, but it is better.

Keep working. Edit, edit, edit.

Infuse emotion, infuse emotion, infuse.

Simple Marketing is founded on clarity;

Who is the client?

What is the pain they have?

What is your solution?

What is the promise you are making to the client- that makes you different ( higher value, more innovative?)

Pam Hoelzle

Because Simple is better; Marketing made simple

Photo credit- the incredible L-e-o-n-a

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