Small Business Online Marketing Extraordinaire: Northwest University Student Online Marketing Examples

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Small Business Online Marketing Extraordinaire: Northwest University Students

Here’s a few examples of Northwest University student’s online marketing platforms and the story of how this course came to be.

By the end of our 15 weeks together every student had created their own online venture, developed a socially integrated platform with outposts in several social networking communities, developed a business model, branding overview, integrated marketing strategy complete with goals, KPI”s and implemented a 24 tactic online marketing campaign as well as evaluated their performance using Google analytics.Some students have garnered over 1,100 page views in the past 4 weeks!…Regardless of the KPI”s and goals they set, every one of these students is an online marketing winner in my eyes.

Seattle Thrift by Ceres Smylie Integrated Marketing Communication on Prezi .This presentation does a fabulous job of laying out the process which each student went through prior to launching their online venture and integrated marketing communications campaign.

When I accepted the challenge to teach the online marketing course at Northwest University I knew in an instant what the class should look like and feel like and of course I knew it SHOULD entail each student taking a business/venture/org of their choosing online for a real online marketing practice.

I wanted students to begin from scratch, designing their own online platforms/businesses/ventures so they could learn the art and science of online integrated marketing communication from beginning to end. I wanted to give them a framework for communicating in our new online world and to teach them to think. Think. Yes. Think.

Soup to nuts. Nuts to soup. The whole meal deal. I knew it would provide the best learning experience and I knew the key to success (garnering deep student engagement) was dependent on students choosing the content; topic, company, venture they wanted to pursue over the course of the semester and giving them complete control over the content of their integrated marketing playbooks and tactics.

My role was to provide the structure, framework, resources and fill in the knowledge gaps – their role was to engage deeply in the process, to learn the art and science of online marketing by doing it… And together our role was to engage in meaningful conversation and inquiry to help us understand what we were learning along the way.

And then, immediately after seeing the vision for the course I went into ‘failure’ alert. The University had provided very clear learning objectives. And they had provided me with the criteria students would be evaluating me on at the end of the course. If I stood and delivered- structured the class traditionally I knew I could achieve the learning outcomes and get killer student evaluations….

Gap YearTravels by Lindsay Horne.This is the only presentation which has audio as Lindsay flew to Guatemala before the final presentations so she used screen cast to create a video of her presentation!

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