So What’s your STORY?

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I love stories. Hollywood loves stories. Our brains were made for story. You see the mind recalls by connecting things. Simply; new and novel things are processed (for sake of simplicity) on what we call the 'right' side and then to understand, know the brain connects the new and novel with our memories stored on what we've come to know as the (left side) of our brain. Storytelling is a whole brain activity and because of that when we bring context to our facts and tell them emotionally we can create memorable stories that stay with our clients, prospects, employees, tribes for ever.

Story connects us; mind, body and emotion.

In today's deluge of information story matters more than ever. I know what your thinking; story is as old as men and woman themselves so big deal. Yes, you are right; story has been around forever AND YES it is  ALL NEW!

We are living amidst STORY MAKING HISTORY!  

This is the first generation in  history that has had the means to publish, create, edit and share a story internationally; across geographical boundaries FOR FREE  (of course it necessitates access to a computer/internet)

Web 2.0 storytelling  is jet propelled storytelling. 

A video uploaded of a murky river in an African village, the only water source for the small village is now viewed by people all over the world…with a click of a mouse these same people send the story on to their friends around the world. Within 3 years the story; Charity Water raises over 10M dollars, builds over 1,000 wells and brings clean, not murky water to over 1M people in the world's poorest regions. The power of a story leveraging technology and web 2.0 tools. The power of a tribe telling your story online and in real life.

Story. More powerful than ever.

I'll be talking about what I am learning about storytelling over the next week. 

Story: What's yours?

Whatever it is  my hope is that you will continue to;

Do Good: Well!


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