Some leaders suck the life out of people…

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Some leaders suck the life out of people.

Some leaders over manage making others feel absolutely infantile, deflating any sense of personal leadership or responsibility.

Some leaders are so busy jumping into everyone else's business they don't realize they are sabotoging their teams trust.

Some leaders disregard, entirely, their responsibility to equip and resource their tribe instead choosing to invest in promotions and fancy new office hardware.

Some leaders develop a culture of micro managment because they disregarded their fiduciary responsibility to develop a system of development and training that empowers.

Some leaders don't trust themselves enough to equip people to succeed and to lead.

Some leaders don't trust their team or their clients.
Sucking the life out of people happens when we over control others, when we micro manage their every move and when we withhold authority and responsibility from them. Leaders who do this do not believe in their people and when you don't believe in your people you suck the life out of them.

Some leaders suck the life out of people, ventures and dreams.

Have you ever been micro managed?

Compare that feeling to having a clear picture of the 'end in mind' and being equipped with the knowledge and resources to achieve it.

Have you ever been entrusted with a vision and asked how you will help to achieve it?

Have you ever been coached, encouraged and resourced to do something you are already doing- only better?

Have you ever been entrusted to do your best and given everything you need to succeed?

Good- then you've experienced empowerment.

Now ask these questions;

Are you Clarifying a vision?

 Resourcing your team with all the knowledge, training and skills, coaching and managing they need to realize their best performances? 

Empowerment is first awareness, then a belief, an attitude and then actions.

Empower others …it's right and it's effective leadership

Because people matter!

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