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Standing OUT in the Crowd: Differentiation

Funny, at certain seasons in life we really want to ‘belong’ and ‘fit in.’ At other times, like when you want your venture, organization or business to get noticed all you really want is to ‘stand out.’

Standing out in the crowd is an art form called integrity.

It’s a by product of actually BEING something of integrity; living, breathing and operating as a unique, original masterpiece.

Most of us get it all wrong. We spend our life trying to tell, promote and convince instead of spending our efforts on becoming, being and showing up with integrity day after day providing our own unique and passion filled recipe for changing other people’s lives…

Most business types even entrepreneurs struggle with the true cause of value added differentiation. IT’s not being a better storyteller…but storytelling helps.

It’s not being more Howard Stern if you are really Cinderella.

It’s not the bold design of your logo, website, interiors or collateral. It’s deeper than marketing shallow, but marketing helps, after you really are something…

The roots of differentiation, of sticking out in the crowd depend on the unique attributes , the value you offer your clients, partners and team. It begins with your big idea and values and is informed by the solutions you bring to your clients in form of the exact recipe of your products and services; how you make them, distribute them, manage them, price them, communicate them…

When we deliver a unique solution- we stand out in the people’s whose lives we want to ( our target clients).

Just don’t get confused. The ‘standing out,’ ‘differentiation’ that matters is the kind that changes people’s lives; if only for a second.

BE value. Be change. Be convenient. Be an answer. Be something that we need, want, desire and then sure make sure those of us who want that value, change, convenience, answer know about you.

Want to stand out in the crowd?

Be something. Be original. Be you. Create.

Pam Hoelzle

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