So You Want To Start A New Business: 20 Dos, 20 Don’ts

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So I’ve been busy .

Seems more and more people are deciding it’s time to start a new business, or put their existing one in to high gear. In the spirit of small business, I’m going to commit the next 20 posts to how to start a business.

I will share as many of my tools as possible.

I’ve already written a lot about start up. So use the search function on the site to find what you are looking for if I don’t get to it during this series.

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Start A Business

Do #1:

Do reach out and get a mentor/help/coach/advice .

We all need team to make our dreams come true. Very few of us have all of the resources, expertise and time necessary to launch a successful and profitable business by our lonesome. And if we did, we probably would have already done it. So get real- you are missing something, be it expertise, resources, knowledge, capital. Find people who have what your venture needs to succeed. Develop strategic partnerships, pay for their expertise, ask them to mentor you, get creative.

Don’t #1:

Don’t even, put your best friend or your girlfriend on your team because they asked.

Real experience, real resources, real specific knowledge in the particulars of your venture, idea is critical. Don’t add dead beats to a start up team. NO. NO .NO. No-dead weight allowed, stay lean and experienced.

More tomorrow…here’s the sequence to launch a new business- add your comments ( click to enlarge)

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