Stuffed with Stuff; 30 second video inspiration

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In business as in life; more is not always better. Are you stuffed with stuff?

White space, margin, making space it’s critical to innovation, change and experiencing something new. If your life and business are stuffed with knick knacks and pad locks from the past how can you possibly experience that which is important now? Stuff; what matters what doesn’t? Do you need more stuff or less; physical and mental? Perhaps you feel a little over stuffed by all the stuff in your life? Time for a stuff review? It’s amazing what happens to my energy and clarity when I condense, consolidate, donate, simplify and create wide open spaces and places within my business and life . Want to create something new? Get rid of the stuff that no longer represents what truly matters to you. And free yourself up to experience what does. Not all ‘stuff’ is equal…you, not I decide what stuff needs to go and what stuff you need more of…

Pam Hoelzle

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