The Art of Creating, Re-creating and Re-inventing…

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Creating, Reinventing, Re-creating; we were made for it.

The urge to create, build, imagine, design.

Today, January 18th at 8am PST I facilitated a social conversation titled,”The art of creating change” online at twitter and streaming on itunes and at Chat With Women with guest co-hosts Ethan Yarbrough from Allyis and Patti Dobrowolski from Get Your Creative Genuis Up. If you missed it click here to go to the link.

The art of creating a business, career, passion, a life.

Even though we were all ‘creators,’ it doesn’t make the act of creating any less intimidating or scary.

Isn’t life suppose to be comfortable, natural and easy? No.

At least not if you lean to the right side of the brain, enjoy creating, call yourself an entrepreneur or involved in change of any kind. Nothing about change is comfortable. To many, uncertainty and the unknown are anything but reassuring. Sometimes the fear of what we don’t know, the risk of what might happen if we follow our passion, imagine, pursue our dreams, calling or goals seems downright mad. Crazy even.

Perhaps it’s time to rethink the questions around creativity, creating.

Perhaps it’s time we take a harder look at fear, uncertainty, ambiguity, the unknown and anxiety.

What I’m most afraid of is wimping out, not embracing the fear, pushing into the unknown, engaging uncertainty in search of a life that is both exhilarating and meaningful to me. This is my one incredible life- right?

I am sure that although every once in awhile I could do with a little comfort and security the thing that would most certainly destroy my spirit is to live this life and NOT create, not imagine, not throw myself into a calling I can’t escape and a being that is uniquely, absolutely me.

This is what I fear;

To have been, but not have been… me.To have pondered possibilities and never engaged them.

To have never lost myself in the ‘art’ of becoming.

Fear quieting my questions.

Losing touch with the still small voice within.

Not trusting myself.

Losing my faith, my belief that impossible is just a word…

I believe we are ALL endowed creators. Live. Build. Design. Imagine. Embrace the unknown. Engage. Imagine.

whatever the obstacles, however loud the voices, this is you’re one incredible

Don’t let it slip by.Show up. And then keep showing up.


And might I add, that I for one am inspired by the idea of being a steward of this thing called creativity, my genius or rather madness.

A steward, a channel of something I do not own or even possess. A part of the divine and mystical happening that demands every ounce of faith I have. A person responsible to show up, day after day doing my job, doing my part, believing I am exactly where I’m suppose to be, doing exactly what I was created to do.

Elizabeth for reminding me to continue to show up, to steward this
thing I love; this writing, this creating. To
continue to birth this manuscript and this work I love; helping others unleash their potential.

My job is to merely show up and keep showing up.

What’s your’s?

Pam Hoelzle

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