THE SIGN: Intuitive? Empathatic?

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Signs: How good are you at empathizing with the people all around you?

The sign; how good are you at reading the signs around you? I love the photo of the little boy making glasses with his hands…I bet you know what his face say's? All day long you and I work and play with people and all day long we look into faces. The face holds the emotion. What are the faces around you saying? Are you seeing the signs? Are you feeling the vibe?

I've been spending alot of time working with a team on customer service  and I am  developing the ability for my team to step into anothers shoes, to feel their feelings, to read their emotions, to understand what it's like to be someone else; the client, the friend, the partner, the child, the mother, the daughter, the coach, the new hire…

Empathy- it's one of the aptitudes leaders must develop if they want to help others realize the zenith of their dreams and goals.

How good are you at walking in someone else's shoes, understanding their feelings and intuitively knowing what the signs on the faces around you mean?

Pay attention to the signs all around you – get in touch- empathize

Pam Hoelzle

Because every life matters

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