The Top 10 Questions for Business Panic Button Pushers!

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Panic Button, originally uploaded by Isaac Z. Schlueter.

So a few of your clients have sweaty palms, are a little flushed, can't stop quoting the latest CNN business report and hyperventilate everytime they say cash?


Instead of  listening to your clients tell you what's wrong and why they can't purchase now,  why they need to delay the campaign, the services, the launch of the product; turn it around and engage in a conversation about how you, your product and your services are their SOLUTION!

Fear paralyzes. Practice the art of questioning  with your clients to help refocus and reframe the discussion so that you can identify, discover and uncover problems and opportunities that YOU can SOLVE!

Top 10 Questions to ask a Business Panic Button Pusher!

1. If I, my product, or my company and you, could achieve one thing that would make all the difference what would it be?

2.Is this your top priority? If so, what are you willing to do to achieve it?

4. How exactly can I help you?

5. What have you done in the past 24, 48 hours, week, month in regards to this priority/goal?

5 What's working?

6. What isn't?

7. What knowledge or skills do we need beside me, my services, product to succeed?

8 What other resources can I support you with?

9. Over the next few days and weeks how can we work together to realize this goal?

10. What is this worth to you?

Ask the questions, reframe, refocus; Be the Solution!

Because panic happens…


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