Think Different It’s Your Birthright.

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One of the lies of life, is that if other’s are doing it – we should too.

I spent most of junior high believing, “Whatever the cool kids are doing, is cool.” NOT!

Who hasn’t fallen prey to asking others what they are wearing, ordering and where they’re going, before making a decision? Who hasn’t discredited their own thoughts, innovations and solutions simply because they are unique?

If you don’t watch it this living thing can whitewash every ounce of individuality out of you. This being human amidst a sea of humanity can deceive you and I into believing our ideas and beliefs are insignificant, unimportant.


You were created unique way back at conception. Yes, conception. DNA confirms you’re one in a million or is that billions? Add life experiences, talents, passions and circumstances and YOUR differentiation, uniqueness quotient soars.

Ask a new question, jump out of the rut, forgo evaluating everyone else’s likes, reviews and dislikes and get back in touch with the wildly authentic, uniquely different voice, thoughts and way of being that only you offer this world, your business, family, friends and community

And then ask yourself, “What might happen if you committed to infuse every moment with you, 100% authentic, highly differentiated you?”

Be you. Be different.

Pam Hoelzle

Coach, Consultant. Different practitioner.

425 218 5864

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