Tiger Woods…Lessons for Business and Life

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Tiger Woods A Lesson in Thinking BIG in life and Business:

When Tiger Woods was a kid, he didn't talk about winning a Major, or even a couple Major tournaments…

NO ; Tiger Woods wanted to

surpass Jack Nicklaus's record of Professional Major wins…

Thinking Big – is what Tiger is all about.

When we think big- big things happen…

So how big are you thinking, dreaming; what BIG THING do you want to realize?

Find others who believe in you- develop your own BIG THINKING DREAM TEAM

Get the skills, mastery and expertise to accomplish your BIG THING

and then practice, practice, practice.

Re frame; See your BIG THINKING GOAL Completed and rewire the way you talk and what you believe is possible…

So now …what's BIG that you want to accomplish?

Lessons on Thinking Big in Life and Business from Tiger…

Pam Hoelzle
Because playing matters….

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