The Trouble With Us Entrepreneurs…Leaders

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Almost all my friends are entrepreneurs, leaders or creative ragmuffins.

I hang with people who create and grow things because they can NOT, not create.

I teach, muse, consult, confront, coach and encourage leaders, entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in training…And of course, I have the disease myself…

So I know what the trouble with us entrpreneurs is…

It’s what we don’t know, that we don’t know. It’s our blindspots and our tendency to choose path’s we’ve never been before all the while contending we know everything we need to know to succeed…

The trouble with most entrepreneurs is; OURSELVES.

So the antidote? GET over yourself.

And remember that every great idea, venture, creation will depend on multiple miracles, resources and people to bring it to life . As a creator, leader, entrepreneur the real challenge for us is to show up humbly every day, asking questions, engaging the best and the brightest to shine their brilliance along our very unique path in hopes we might see and know in a new way.

The trouble with us leaders and entrepreneurs is that we too often act as if we are an island, complete, enough and this is the biggest lie in the world, one capable of sabotaging all your dreams.

We need other people, resources, insights, abilities and talents for our dreams to come to fruition.

And as soon as us entrepreneurs and leaders realize our biggest obstacle is ourselves…well we will be well on our way to the humility that marks truly extraordinary leaders and creators… and all things then truly will be possible.

The trouble with us entrepreneurs…

Pam Hoelzle

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