Truth; the ultimate business, organization growth serum

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Want to grow your venture, business, community, brand, dream?

What if the ultimate business catalyst, engagement specialist, community builder is nothing more than that age ole ingredient called truth?

Truth. Or as Dan Pallotta refers to it, your ‘fundamental truth’.

Authenticity. Real. Essence. Soul. Purpose. REALITY.

I’ve had several experiences lately that further cement my belief that truth is the ultimate growth catalyst in business and life.

I’ve long subscribed to Parker Palmer’s belief that being fully known and knowing is one of the greatest miracles in life. But sometimes helping leaders grasp the importance of the softer side of the balance sheet, the intrinsic factors and values that impact growth, revenue, membership, profit and social impact, well it’s not always easy…

But make no mistake. Without a clear understanding of your truth, the authentic soul of your business or organization you will be hard pressed to realize the success markers you’ve identified be it financial, social or environmental.

It’s our truth that sets us free in both life and business. The organization is free to grow once it’s clear as to it’s authentic purpose, values and promises.

Recently I’ve been inspired by a number of conversations around truth. I love Dan Pallotta’s work. He is a leading expert in innovation in the social venture, non profit world. A local leader who is also inspiring to me, an evangelist for Good Business and who lives and breathes ‘responsible marketing’ is Patrick Byers at Outsourced Marketing . And then there’s Tami Smith at Blue Sphere Labs, who I’ve just begun working with who possesses a deep commitment to truth and to supporting organizations doing good with her skills and expertise in google/cloud/social/digital tools.

Truth is soul. It’s power. It’s attractive. So it makes sense that companies who understand their fundamental truth, say Twitter, Google, Walmart, will have an easier time of building trust with you and I.

Trust as Patrick Byers from Outsourced Marketing so politely reminded me, is based on character and competence. Being true to who we are builds trust, especially when it is consistently executed.

Truth done, lived well= trust. Trust = growth; impact and effect.

Truth is the antidote to skepticism. Consumers are hungry for open organizations that are clear about who they are. Team members and partners are starved for authentic, soulful ventures that integrate meaning and purpose with business. We want to harmonize truth, good and purpose with profit, impact and return.

If you don’t understand, aren’t ‘ clear about your truth, the fundamental authentic the essence of your venture, how can you possibly execute it? And if you can’t execute it, competently and consistently how dare you spin a story about it?

Who are you? What do you stand for? What value do you offer? Why is this vision, this adventure so dang important; here now and presently?

Liar, liar pants on fire. If you don’t clarify your truth, what your value is, others might wrongly assume you are promising one thing and delivering quite another. After wards they might want nothing more than to hang you up on a telephone wire…

Don’t whine about everyone else and how in-congruent they are. Plot the competitive landscape of your industry, understand the reality around you and don’t waste time identifying the splinter in everyone else’s business take care of your own log jam.

Reality. Maybe you want to join Dan, Patrick, Tami and I in working to support and resource companies who are committed to unleashing their essence and soul on a hungry world ripe for GOOD, authentic, impact and results!

Be real. Get true. Be you. Grow.

Step back the next time someone compliments you on that great blog post, incredible new office space, press release, incredible event or increasing sales figures – and ask yourself.

What is your truth? What is the real value you offer. Are you executing it authentically, consistently, congruent? How might your truth lead you to the growth you desire/

Hmmm.. Truth ….the growth serum for the next generation.

Pam Hoelzle

425 218 5864

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