Unleash yourself from your past!

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Unleash yourself from the past: 5 minute read!

The little girl danced, ran and performed. If there was an idle moment she hadn’t met it.When her daddy was upset and angry she tried harder and when her mommy didn’t say anything she talked louder. Try harder, be better. Somehow she’d make him smile and her talk. Run harder. Win. Somehow she’d prove she was worthy. Worthy of their time. Worthy of their attention. But run as she did, laugh as they did things weren’t always good, happy. Matter of fact, sometimes it was downright scary at her house. So she stayed busy. She was safe when she was running.

The little boy had thrown a hundred passes if he’d thrown one. He’d attended every football game in his home town since he was born. His father told him. Summer, spring and fall all he did was play. Ball that was. Vacations were shortened, schedules altered so he didn’t miss a game or a practice. His father researched. His mother made sandwiches. He practiced. When he threw perfectly, when his team won his father lit up like a Christmas tree. When he didn’t, well he didn’t like to think about those days. And then it happened. The crunch of his hand, the dead feeling in his fingers. The trip to the hospital. The nurses face. His dad’s tears. The surgeries. Now with no games to play or balls to throw his father was gone too and he, who was he? Just a no good kid with a bum hand.

She’d was the oldest of six children. So when he began, and he always did; usually after drinking too much she always did her best to keep them safe. She’d hide them, put them to bed and busy them. But she was never able to keep them all safe. One of the kids would always get away from her. Her father would trick her and before she knew it there would be screams and blows or worse yet silence. Silence pierced her heart more than the screams. Even she knew it was better when they were screaming than when they were silent. In the morning she covered their bruises, held them tight and took them to school. Silently she vowed to do better, to work harder to keep them safe.

He’d received the full scholarship. Of course he would go. It didn’t matter what he wanted or if he was good at engineering. He had an opportunity. Of course he graduated at the top of his class. He was what he did. He got the job. He lived in the cubicle. He did the mind deadening, soul stifling work. Of course he couldn’t quit, his wife and kids were depending on him. His job was to make a living. Who was he to be happy? He wasn’t suppose to love what he did. He was what he did and he performed. He’d get them out of debt. He’d calm her fears. He’d do it all, regardless the cost. He’d been performing so well, for so long what else was there?

We all have stories. The important thing to remember is that your past does not equal your future. We all have choices. Choice is the tool of change. You choose your beliefs, what to attend to, your priorities.

Yes, I’ve been chained to the little girl within and yes, I’ve let beliefs, assumptions, experiences and choices I’ve made in the past imprison me, become my habitual unconscious way of doing life. I’ve believed things that weren’t true about me and others and it’s restricted my possibilities. We all have. But we don’t have to continue. Choices. You have them and so do I.

Science has proven human beings are not slaves to our dna or to our past stories. In The Power Of Belief. Bruce Lipton Phd explains the science behind belief and change. He shows that at our most basic level us humans are what we believe at the cellular level. Our beliefs inform our daily actions, what we attend to and how we behave.

Want to make a change? Unleash your best life and venture? Start by identifying: decisions, assumptions, belif beliefs. ways of being( angry, bitter, busy) that are no longer congruent with who you want to be, your personal truth. Now take some time and choose. Choose what you believe, who you want to be, what you will attend to, invest in and what you really want. Repeat.

Making a life- it’s a choice. First, unleash from a past you no longer wish to repeat, a story that is no longer the story you want to live!

Pam Hoelzle

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