Want to be a hero? Here’s one to model…

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Want to be a hero? Chad Lindsey is a modern day hero!

I use to think to be a hero you needed to be Superwoman. Last week Chad Lindsey rescued a man who fell onto the train tracks and knocked himself unconscious, Chad rescued the man from an oncoming train. Now, that's a hero and then he just slipped back into the crowd and went on his way. Just a normal day for this superhero. How heroic am I playing these days; am I abundantly giving where there are needs? Jumping into ongoing traffic to save a life? Donating food and clothing to shelters that have more clients to feed than food? I don't need to be superhuman or even wonder woman I need to be present to my circumstances, aware like Chad was and respond to every need I see that I can meet believing that I just might be the last resource before the train comes…Thanks Chad now I see- all I need to do is show up and play my role…my superhuman role.Pay It Forward Today…make someone's day…make their week…maybe even their life.

Pam Hoelzle

Because being a hero… is Not What I Thought

Leap to Track. Rescue Man. Catch a Train.

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